Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The ultimate mistake...

OK, you got yourself some Sox tix, not only for any old game, but a big Sunday Night Baseball matchup against the hated Yankees, and you bring this guy?

Beth and Kevin. Kevin goes to college in Boston while Beth was born and breed here to hate 'his kind'. Beth's mom thinks Kevin is a douche. She said so herself when he introduced himself as 'not only a fan of the game, but a fan of the best franchise in the game, the Yankees.' Beth totally looked past these things until one day Kevin said that 2004 was a fluke and then he went into a tailspin about how the gnats flying around Joba Chamberlains head in 07 should have been a cause for a delay of the game. The foaming at the mouth really turned Beth off and 2 weeks later she cheated on him with Mark Bellhorn. - Jonny Danger

1 comment:

  1. who buys a yankees jonny damon jersey?????

    do you not remember game 7 2004?

    if boone got signed by the sox you think i would ever buy a fucking boone shirt? FUCK THAT NOISE SON!

    i fucking hate yankee fans!!!!!!

    aksjdfkljownlajskljfhljasldfk perfect sense!